DIY: Paracord Dog Collar

In anticipation of \”springing forward\” this weekend I thought Jack was in need of a new collar. Paracord dog collars are furbulous for spring, and I have created a simple DIY especially for you.

Material List:
D ring
Paracord (Michaels, Walmart, Home Depot)

Step 1: Measure your dog’s neck. You’ll need a foot of paracord for every inch of the collar.
For example, you’d need 8 feet of cord for a 8 inch collar. 
If you are using 2 colors you’ll need half that amount of each color.
For example: for a 8 inch collar, I am using 4 feet of blue and 4 feet of patterned paracord.
2 colors: melt the end of each color and press them togther until they are firmly attached.
1 color: match the ends up so it’s folded in half.
*Note I add 1/2-1inch to each collar.

Step 2:   Slide both ends through the end of the buckle.

 {You should now have a loop at the top}

Step 3: Slide the two ends of cord through the buckle and pull through the loop at the end of your cord.

 {should look like this}

Step 4: Add your D ring (see figure 1 below of how this will end up looking). Now slide both ends of the cord through the other end of the buckle. Slide the buckle up to the length the collar needs to be (ex. Jack is 8.5 inches of cord between each cord). 

 {should look like this now}

{NOTE: This picture shows the right color over the left color THIS IS WRONG it needs to go BEHIND the left color!}
Step 5: Take the right color cross it over the middle two and behind the left color.

Step 6:  Pull the color from the left side through the hole at the top and tighten. 

{Figure 1: Opposite colors should now be next to each other.}

Step 7: Create a \”4\” with the left color over the middle and place the color on the right over top the left.

Step 8: Pull the right color through the middle of the \”4\” like above.

Step 9: Make a \”p\” with the right color over the two middle strands, place the left color over top the right color and pull through the center like in Step 8.

Step 10: Repeat steps 7, 8 and 9 again, and then add the D ring (in this picture you\’re looking at the back of the collar – make sure you put the ring on the proper side).

{front view}

Step 11: Repeat steps 7, 8 and 9 until you reach the other buckle.

Step 12: Cut your ends.

Step 13: Melt the ends with a lighter, and press them against the back of the collar until they are attached 

No collar is indestructible, please be mindful and check for wear and tear of your dogs collar. It is the responsibility of the furparent to determine the suitability of the collar for their pet.

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