Zoya Spring 2014: Awaken & Monet

Zoya Awaken and what I am calling “the game changer” their new glitter topper Monet, take spring to the next level. With dreamy creams reminiscent of childhood favorites, sparkling candied pastels and a glowing gold you won’t want to miss.

Brooklyn is a buttery gold with a pearl-satin finish. Gold is hot for spring and Brooklyn is the perfect way to incorporate into your wardrobe. This polish is kind of streaky so watch your lines.

Cole is a creamsicle orange crème. Loving this shade it’s soft, shiny and a very flattering shade of orange. I used three coats.

Dillion is a pale, seafoam green packed with golden shimmer. The color is gorgeous and reminds me of Lake Superior in the spring. I used two coats.

Dot is cotton candy pink créme. If you love pink as much as I do Dot is definitely the don’t want to miss color of the collection. It’s the best cotton candy pink I have ever been able to find, and perfect for your nails and toes this spring. I used three coats.

Hudson is the pastel version of Pantone’s Radiant Orchid. Packed with silver, gold and pink shimmer. I used two coats.

Rebel is a robins egg blue metallic filled with gold and silver shimmer. The gold shimmer stands out more in the bottle while silver takes over on the nail. This color will definitely have you thinking spring in no time. I used two coats.
Monet (which I am calling the game changer) is a holographic, rainbow glitter topper. The tinted pink base is very thick, which allows you to evenly apply the glitter “polka dot confetti”. You can put this on top of any polish color for an instant confetti party on your nails.

Thoughts: I Love this collection! What do you think?

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