Fall To-Do List

I\’m lucky enough to live in a state where all four seasons are present. I do have a spot in my heart for all four seasons, but I must admit fall in Michigan is my favorite. Weekends are filled with trips to the cider mill (Yates is my favorite), picking apples at Miller\’s Big Red and of course baking. Since Sunday was the official kickoff to fall, here\’s a list of things I\’m planning on doing this autumn.

1. Visit Yates for the best apple cider in the state and molasses cookies.
2. Closet purge (I don\’t wear half the things I own).
3. Go to another wine and canvas night.
4. Zombie Run.
5. Pick apples with my mum.
6. Make a pumpkin pie completely from scratch.
7. Master three new soups. (have a good recipe? please share!)
8. Host a chili bar party.
9. Master how to make pie crusts.
10. Go on a tunnel of trees tour.
11. Attend Pilates in the woods.

What\’s on your fall to-do list?

8 Comments on “Fall To-Do List

  1. That's a great list. I'm intrigued by the tunnel of trees tour. This fall I also want to make a bunch of soups and crock pot recipes.


  2. Some of those are great ideas, I think I need to make a list for myself. I wish I lived somewhere I could pick apples, that seems so much fun! Oh and cooking soups and pie, great ideas for fall! 🙂 Ninahttp://curvymod.blogspot.com/


  3. I went apple-picking last month when I went home to CT, it was so much fun. Going to the orchard is one of my favorite Fall activities 🙂 🙂


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