How To: Clean Workout Clothes

 {I use All Free & Downy UnStopables}
Spring, summer, winter or fall a good workout always consist of sweat. Sometimes we sweat more than others but the end result is usually some stinky clothing. So what’s the best way to get your workout clothing clean?

Heavy Sweaters: wash your clothes immediately. If there is not a load ready to go, rinse your clothes in the sink or hang them up to air-dry. (DO NOT ball them up and throw them in with other clothes this will create mildew and ruin your clothing). 

Needed: laundry basket for workout gear only.

Tough stains or extra smelly clothing: place ¼ cup of white distilled vinegar in with your laundry detergent and allow to pre-soak. 

NEVER use: fabric softener (something like Downey UnStopables is okay. 

Drying Do NOT:
dry anything with a lot of Spandex. The heat will break it down and it will no longer stretch like it should. I usually tumble dry on low until damp and then hang it up.

{workout pants hanging up to dry}

4 Comments on “How To: Clean Workout Clothes

  1. I used to hang almost everything to dry but time and hate of wrinkles got in the way. So I dry almost everything now. But I do agree your clothes last much longer if you avoid the dryer.KK


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