Doggy Discoveries

When it comes to dog products I am completely out of the loop. Jack is my first pet, and therefore I don’t know a lot of pet brands. So I spend a lot of time online reading reviews, searching and researching. I have discovered some great companies in the process and thought I would share some of my favorites with you. Don\’t forget to leave a comment with your favorite pup products.

1. Bliss Paws Dog Travel Bowls
Anywhere I go with Jack I make sure I have his travel bowl
• Perfect for the pet owner that travels or walking adventures.
• Lightweight, durable and comes with a pouch to keep the bowl clean.
• Collapses making carrying easy.
Get it here.

2. Mushers Secret
Jack ripped his pads open on the ice and it was a huge disaster and ordeal, this product was recommended to me and I LOVE IT. I use it every week on Jack and HIGHLY recommend it
• Protects pads from hot concrete and bitter cold conditions.
• Prevents potential paw problems such as bruises and blisters, cracking and abrasions.
• If you have a dog you MUST own this product.
Get it here.

3. Pack \’N Pride
This product is not even on the market yet, but should be soon and I cannot wait to have Jack try it.
• Brand new product.
• 100% antibiotic free treats.
• Graphic Designer previously worked for one of the hottest fashion brands: Tory Burch!

4. Orbee-Tuff Raspberry with Treat Spot from Planet Dog
I just discovered Planet Dog and absolutely love the products. Jack has a variety of their items and they are all his favorite
• Smells like mint to help attract the dog .
• This one is perfect for small dogs, but they have ones for larger dogs as well.
• Cuter version of a Kong.
Get it here.

5. Soggy Doggy Slopmat 
I just ordered this to use as Jack’s crate liner
• Absorbs 5x more water than regular placemats.
• Quick-drying, remains odor & bacteria free.
• Soft and snuggly (perfect for a small dog crate liner)
Get it here.

5 Comments on “Doggy Discoveries

  1. I need to get the mushers secret- I have a feeling Layla isn't going to like the hot pavement this summer.


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