Zoya PixieDust

PixieDust is the latest collection from Zoya, and it’s not like anything we have seen from Zoya before – it’s textured! PixieDust features six new shades in a fine sandpaper-like finish. It’s finer and not as gritty as OPI Liquid Sand. No base or topcoat is required as a result you get a matte yet sparkly finish. Textured polish is going to be all the rage so why not give Zoya a try. I am usually not a fan of sparkly polishes since they make a mess putting on or taking off, but I absolutely adore this collection. Vespa and Godiva are my favorites. What do you think?


9 Comments on “Zoya PixieDust

  1. Do you think Pixie Dust is better than the OPI alternative I found theirs was thick and kind of ruined my nail.


  2. I like sophisticated nail polish shades, but have a serious glitter obsession. I think I NEED Godiva in my life now…. the chocolate as well.


  3. Is it bad to say that I want every single color? Looks like I will be off to the Zoya website today!


  4. Hi Erica! It was so nice meeting you today! Thanks for pointing me in the direction of your website and this post. Your nail polish looked so pretty when the sun hit it. I would assume all these colors do the same, but I know I want London for sure!


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