Emerald: How to Wear Pantone\’s New "It" Color

Pantone has announced that Tangerine Tango is out and the new IT-color for 2013 is Emerald. Despite that fact that I am disappointed with this color selection this jewel-tone can help you channel your inner Duchess. Add the gem to your look via accessories, or your beauty regime, an emerald handbag is a great way to make a statement against a little black dress. Avoid buying a lot of this color unless you are in love – when 2014 rolls around it will be out and hopefully something fab will be in. How do you feel about the color of the year?

10 Comments on “Emerald: How to Wear Pantone\’s New "It" Color

  1. I have to say that I lovee this color! I don't have any clothing in emerald so I'm hoping the stores have some more selection now that it had been names the \”it\” color.


  2. I loved Kate in that evening gown! I haven't seen a lot of emerald in stores yet, but will def be purchasing some when I see it!xx Emily


  3. I'm super pale so there are a lot of colors that I can't wear, but blues and greens are great so this is perfect for me 🙂


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