{ostrich-embossed leather handbag for fall}
While the official start of autumn is not until later this month I am already transitioning my wardrobe and this weekend I will be revamping my apartment to a cozier atmosphere. Here are a few things inspiring my fall revamp.
 {apple themed basket from my mum to welcome fall}
 {fall essentials: deep purple pants and ankle boots}
 {at home pedicure with rich polishes}
{last sunset of \’summer\’}

31 Comments on “Snapshots

  1. I love that bag!! It's hard for me to think about welcoming fall yet when it's still 90+ degrees here….this weather is getting ridiculous.


  2. Great snapshots! The ostrich leather bag will be perfect for fall, as well as those boots! I so want low-cut, cowboy shaped boots for the cooler months =)-


  3. That sunset photo is amazing! And I'm glad you're getting your wardrobe prepared for fall. I am doing the opposite and still painting my nails bright summer colors and enjoying wearing my summer dresses still.


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