Sundae Nights

Temperatures have been holding steady in the 70’s for the past week, but that was not the case this weekend. A shift into the high 90’s with 100% humidity made it miserable to step outside. Nevertheless the weather created the ideal opportunity to savor summer with some old fashioned vanilla ice cream that would ultimately create the perfect sundae to enjoy during the hottest part of the day.  

16 Comments on “Sundae Nights

  1. Holy happiness. Yes, I do believe I have had more than my fair share of sundaes this summer but they certainly act as a mini pick-me-up!! ox


  2. Oh this looks so yummy! I had ice cream last night as well but mine didn't look near as good as yours! Hope you have a good Monday!


  3. Please do not shoot me off this page….I am not an ice cream fan. But your sundae looks amazing! Yes, there has always got to be one that throws a sock in the fan…


  4. The caramel pouring over the ice cream is making me CRAVE a sundae right now. To the point where I might actually stop on my way home and get all these ingredients. Yum.


  5. Um hi, that looks so good. After stomach flu for several days I think we might hit ice cream shop tomorrow for a sundae!


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