Crave or Save: Polka Dot Sweater

My weekend was made up of going from one mall to another in an attempt to construct a fall ensemble with the best deals of the season. One of the items on my list was a sweater that would make a statement and I found the perfect look at J.Crew. On the other hand the 268 dollar price tag was not as appealing as the sweater was. Continuing to shop I came across an almost indistinguishable sweater at Old Navy for only $25, which was, a $243 reduction from the one I saw at J.Crew. Which would you buy?

18 Comments on “Crave or Save: Polka Dot Sweater

  1. I couldn't believe how much the J.Crew one was when I saw it in the store. My mom absolutely loved the grey version but we couldn't really justify the price! By the way, I love your new blog layout – it looks great!xx Emily


  2. Old Navy FOR SURE! I haven't tried either of them on, but I like that the Old Navy one looks to be more fitted than the J. Crew one. But seriously, why is the J. Crew one $268?!?! That is INSANE!


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