Pre-Fall Polish Favorites

The weeks when you are in between two seasons are often the best. Pre-fall is fabulous, because you get the opportunity to mix the brightness of summer with rich tones of fall. Here are the polish colors I have been most inspired by lately. What is your current favorite pre-fall polish?

Nautical blue. The lighter under-the-sea shades such as aqua clash with fall’s darker color palette instead keep with a marine theme by picking darker navy hues.
Teal. Gives your nails a whimsical look.
Peach. Paired with a deep jewel tone on your toes… it’s pre-season perfection.
Chocolate. A cozy shade that is perfect before turning to fall taupe.
Pink-ish, Purple-ish mix. A perfect proportion or bright purple and deep pink pairs perfectly with a bright outfit or basic black. 

13 Comments on “Pre-Fall Polish Favorites

  1. I love all of the colours! I am obsessed with nailpolish so this post really made me smile, haha 🙂 I would say peach- although the teal is a close second!


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