Five Things: Opening Ceremony Fashion

 {2012 London: classic and clean all American look}
Olympic opening ceremonies are always filled with remarkable performances, moments that leave you in awe and of course fashion. Today athletes from all around the world will strut their stuff down the catwalk that is London’s Olympic Stadium. Here is a look back at United States opening ceremony style. What do you think of some of the past outfits? Despite controversy of the outfits made in China, Ralph Lauren has done a wonderful job of giving the United States a crisp, clean and refined preppy look.
 {2008 Beijing: patriotic prep}
 {2004 Athens: laid back casual look}
{2000 Sydney: channeling their inner Aussie }
{1996 Atlanta: outback look}

9 Comments on “Five Things: Opening Ceremony Fashion

  1. I'm not a huge fan of this year's uniforms. They look like some sort of weird prep school uniform (especially the women's).I loved the ones for Beijing though!


  2. I posted about opening ceremony fashion too! I think Ryan Lochte was one of the only people who could really pull off RL's look. It kind of looked silly on everyone, especially as a group.


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