May Friendship Gift

The saying April showers brings May flowers was the inspiration behind my friendship gifts for May. I bought packets of flower seeds from Kmart on sale ( 50 cents each), but noticed the Dollar Store sells them as well (four for a $1). To give the packets a little something extra I made cute tags that are personalized on the back. You can download my tags here.


14 Comments on “May Friendship Gift

  1. Such a fun idea! I love it! I planted Forget-Me-Not seeds last spring 2011 and then never came up… However, this spring they did! I think they need cold weather shock and then warm to awaken. Make sure you tell your friends if they don't come up this year to expect them to come up right after winter next year! xoxo


  2. oh that is the cutest idea ever. and how economical! I've been wanting to plant a few things on my balcony and see if they sprout- dollar tree is a great idea. Also, giving flowers (or seeds) is such a lovely way to welcome in the season. Thank you for the idea.


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