Watermelon Manicure

When it comes to nail polish, my philosophy is have fun with it. I change my polish a ridiculous amount of times during the week.  From neutrals to neon’s and everything in between, as you know, sometimes instead of one polish I like to polish three nails one color and two another.  This weekend I went with a watermelon manicure using Shelby by Zoya (the ideal bubblegum pink) and Tracie by Zoya. 

I begin by using Ridge Filler for a base coat. This will even out the nails as well as enrich and strengthen.

{left to right:  Shelby and Tracie}
 {Out The Door is my top coat of choice}
{Once my nails are dry I finished with some cuticle oil}

24 Comments on “Watermelon Manicure

  1. Fun idea!! I have been using the bubblegum pink nail with a reddish/magenta pink on the ring finger nail 🙂 I might have to steal your idea of the reddish pink and orange accent nail one of these days!!


  2. i love this!! i am also seriously impressed with your painting skills. I get the polish everywhere on my fingers. But i guess since you rock and change your polish out all the time, that is how you got so good!! i loved your tip of using ridge filler for base coat. i use out the door as my top coat too. any other tips you could share?? 🙂


  3. i need to paint my nails.. they are looking rather dull these days. 😦 i LOVE mixing two colors on one hand.. it is too cute! I will have to do this color combo soon.. so summery and adorable. 🙂


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