Colored Denim 101

The denim section of stores have transformed into something right out of Rainbow Brite’s closet. The colored denim trend has endless possibilities, from neon to pastel and everything in-between. Here are my tips for looking your best in colored denim.

• Look at colored jeans the same way you would look at blue jeans. If you’re a flare girl, then go for the flare style…etc.

• Be color conscious. Neon is not for everyone, but pastels look flattering on almost all figures.
•  Go with a basic color on the top. Color blocking is going to chop your silhouette in half.
• Nude heels look gorgeous with colored denim.
• Just remember this is a trend, and it’s not going to be around forever.

What do you think of the colored denim trend? Have you bought any skittle colored denim yet?
I went with Easter egg hues; pink and peach

20 Comments on “Colored Denim 101

  1. Okay, the colored denim was in style back when I was in high school and that has been like 29-30 years ago. I loved them back then, and think I could love them again today. Awesome colors!


  2. I hated the colored denim trend when it first came back, but it has definitely grown on me. Maybe I'll get a pair as a goal for my \”post baby\” body!


  3. I haven't jumped on this bandwagon yet but I'm really starting to crave the fun colors everywhere right now! I'm thinking about coral and/or mint. I just hope I can find them cheaper than J Crew!


  4. I got a pair of yellow denim skinnies and I LOVE them!! It's funny because colored denim actually ends up being a lot more versatile than you would think!


  5. I'm thinking about red and green! And I love the red tie die Isabel Marant jeans, so I'm having a go at a DIY there:)


  6. Well let's see. Red, blue, mint, coral, hot pink, and green. Yeah – I'd say I have a colored jean \”problem\”. Hello. My name is Heather and I'm a \”colored jean addict\”. I hardly ever wear my blue jeans any more because I know I need to work this trend until it dies. :=)


  7. I didnt think I would like this trend on me, but once I actually trued a pair on, I cant get enough of it.


  8. i loveeeee colored far I bought bright green, baby pink, and electric sucks it won't last, that's a 200 dollar investment right there. i should have gone easy.great tips on the nude heels.


  9. I bought some mint jeans the other day, but I'm still shopping for some bright ones! The coral looks gorgeous on Kate 🙂


  10. I just got a pair of coral and love them. As much as I'd like to get all those beautiful colors, I'm afraid this trend won't be around forever and then I'll be stuck with tons of crazy colored jeans. I'm a fan for sure though!


  11. I'm still on the hunt for the perfect pair of colored denim! I really am into the coral and turquoise colors!I also definitely agree with the nude color shoes. I want to raid your closet! You have such great style!


  12. I got a red pair, and a brighter pink pair of course I have my white ones. I must say I NEVER thought I would wear colored denim but it's a nice transition in the Spring when it's still a bit cool but you want to wear fun colors!


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