What\’s in my Marc Jacobs Bag

 {Marc by Marc Jacobs handbag}
With each season not only does my handbag change, but the contents change as well. So here is a peak at what I keep in my handbag. Tell me what your handbag essentials are.

1. Kate Spade Wallet
2. Tory Burch cat eye sunglasses
3. Puffs kleenex, floss, Lysol and Purell
4. Flip flop change purse
5. manicure kit and nail files
6. umbrella
7. lip butter, assorted lipstick and lipgloss
8. Can\’t forget the most important Clipa purse hanger; a must for everyone!

20 Comments on “What\’s in my Marc Jacobs Bag

  1. i love the bag!! oh i remember the days when the contents of my purse were cool and fun. i have to carry a potty seat in my purse. so glamorous! but i did find a purse that is stylish and has a center pocket. No one would ever know there was a potty seat shoved in there. i also have a bunch of cars in my purse. really the only thing that is mine in there is my wallet and lip gloss. 🙂


  2. Oh I love seeing the items in your purse. I might have to do this post also. I've never seen a handbag hanger before-what a great idea!


  3. First, super cute bag!! Second I am so glad that you do your research and question things like the Kony video. It's sad how much blind faith people have in \”charities\” and disgusting that they take advantage of people by using graphic images and videos. Love,Hayley


  4. You definitely stuff that purse full! I still need to do one of these, what's in your purse blog posts!


  5. Love the bag. I carry a makeup bag, wallet, a book at all times, a notepad and loads of gum. =) Lovely post. xx


  6. i absolutely love Marc Jacobs.. check out his Carmine bag, omg, I'm so buying it for myself as a birthday present.


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