How to Buy House Plants

Growing up in a state with all four seasons I watched my mum buy fresh cut flowers from a local store during the colder months. Grow a gorgeous flower garden in the spring and summer, and have a couple house plants all year long to keep our home cheery. My mum has taught me some wonderful tips and tricks for keeping house plants alive even if you do not have a green thumb. 1. Choose plants that will work with the light in your home. 2. Give your plant a name and actually talk to it. 3. Do not over water – when you stick your finger into the soil it should be almost dry before you water the plant again.

1. Amaryllis are low maintenance, love direct sunlight and use a drench and dry method when it comes to watering. 

2. Peacock Plants are grown for their decorative foliage. Need direct light/filtered light and like a humid home.

3. Just Add Ice Orchids are perfect for any home. These flowers like indirect sunlight and only need three ice cubes per week.

4. Ponytail Palms are virtually indestructible, like a sunny spot and only need to be watered once a week.

5. Succulents are low maintenance if in a sunny spot, water once a week and enjoy.

Do you have any house plants? If so what do you have? 

18 Comments on “How to Buy House Plants

  1. I tried the whole Orchid thing a year back, and it lost all of it's flowers right away. They never grew back, so I threw it out :/ Maybe I'll try buying another one now that I know your tip!


  2. Read this title quick and thought \”what the heck are house pants?\” ahhhh….lol. I have a spider plant I've had for years…can't kill it…very easy to care for…and my cat loves it. 🙂 Off to water my pants.


  3. I don't have any but I need some. I'm a notorious plant killer. for real. I stick with flowers that last a week and die like they're supposed to 😉


  4. I had about 15 house plants… I def have a green thumb and 2 years ago we purchased 2 kittens. Some of the plants were toxic so I had to get rid of 2-3 plants and then the rest… Well they tried eating all of them. In turn, I tried to buy spray to keep them away and that just made my house stink. THOUGHT! Oh I'll put them on top of my 8+ ft hutch. NOPE they figured out to get up there too. I now have zero indoor plants, but have over 50+ species in my backyard. I guess I'll have to stick to my outdoor garden. I miss my indoor plants! xoxo A-


  5. Everytime I go to ikea I buy a plant. I always name them after someone in the French revolution. They always come to quick death :(. I'm hopeless. Xxx


  6. Great tips! We don't have any plants, partly because we have pets who might try to eat the leaves. It's OK, though. The pets are much more fun! Maybe once we get a bigger place, we can find some that aren't harmful to animals.


  7. House plants are scary because you have to actually take care of something! I'm not sure if I'm ready for that kind of commitment yet. 🙂


  8. I have a Christmas Cactus that I love. You really don't have to water it that often. Find a sunny spot and you're good to go!


  9. I definitely want to expand my indoor plant collection, including some succulents, and there's another plant that my parents have, but I can't remember the name…


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