What girl doesn\’t love flowers?

I love to have fresh flowers in my house, and try to buy some each week. I always buy the flowers that are in season since those are the freshest and will last the longest.  My top three favorite flowers are; peonies, tulips and hydrangeas. What is your favorite flower?

27 Comments on “What girl doesn\’t love flowers?

  1. I adore daffodils growing on the side of a hill in spring. Hydrangeas and Gladioulous make me smile and for bouquets I love Ranunculus.


  2. I love having fresh flowers. This week I didn't have any, so i went outside and cut some holly and put it in a vase. It looks really pretty with the red berries!


  3. I love fresh flowers! Last semester, I'd buy a small bouquet every 2 weeks or so to put in my dorm room, because I think flowers make a room feel so homey and inviting! Pink peonies are my absolute favorite!


  4. Completely agree with you on the favorite flower choices. I'd love to keep them in my home, but my cats enjoy eating them 😦


  5. I love flowers! We planted boxes of wildflowers in our yard last year so I could pick bouquets for the house whenever I wanted! : )


  6. Ever since my wedding hydrangeas have been my favorite, but tulips are a close second! I hope to get some flowers for Valentine's Day!


  7. I hate to admit it but….I hate getting flowers! I love hydrangeas and lilacs. Do those count as a flower? I just hate having them around because my cats usually end up eating them and barfing them up. Otherwise they would be nice to get!


  8. love these flowers. peonies are my fave but i love the tulip arrangement above! 🙂 great post. I would love for you to stop by and check out my newest trend report.www.fashboulevard.blogspot.com


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