Monogrammed Bedroom

Over the weekend I was walking around Pottery Barn for some home decorating ideas with a focus on the bedroom. I soon forgot that I was looking for decorating ideas when I fell in love with all the bedroom essentials that you could have monogrammed. What do you think about monogrammed items in the bedroom?

27 Comments on “Monogrammed Bedroom

  1. I simply adore monogrammed items! I have a bedding set that I am waiting to use until after we move, since it is very nice. I want to get chocolate brown pillows monogrammed to match. And I love monogrammed soap, plus so many other things!


  2. I didn't know that monogrammed items were still around. This was popular in bathrooms at one time. I think it would be really neat to see it in a bedroom. These are some great ideas….


  3. I love all of it. And that monogram candle looks like it's right up your ally :)xx Emily @


  4. I love those pillows! I think monograms are really pretty and classic. We actually have monogrammed sheets that were given to us as a wedding gift. =)


  5. I love monograms!! I could monogram everything too! My husband is from the South and he's grown up with monogramming – here in central Canada it's not really traditional – more like a novelty…I think that's why I'm so attracted to it…I think it's lovely…he's more on the fence! lol


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