Five Things

 {nail polish I packed and brought to my parent\’s house}
This week has been crazy…. I am staying in Michigan at my parents until the end of February – living out of my suitcase. Decided to start up Weight Watchers again… feel free to share any good healthy recipes you have!!!! xo
 {mini trip to Frankenmuth}
 {the quickest way to ruin a manicure}
 {new stationary}
{new cute valentine\’s plate}

19 Comments on “Five Things

  1. I love that you took all of that nailpolish with you, I'm starting a diet as well soon – let's finally lose it together!xx Emily @


  2. Love that lil Valentine plate! I picked up a cute lil heart coffee mug from Target the other day :)Guess what Jeremy isn't in Michigan anymore :)He got a job in Iowa ( it's three hours away, but better than 10, right!)Cheers to 2012!Lots of love gi gi


  3. Best of luck on starting weight watchers! I have a TON of healthified recipes – hope you try one and like it!OMG – I never thought of pistachios as manicure ruiners but they SO are right?!


  4. I love that you're living out of a suitcase for a month and you packed THAT much nail polish. Seriously, that is AWESOME!


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