Middleton Sisters in December


I love Kate Middleton and think she wears some fabulous outfits. Her sister Pippa on the other hand I don\’t really care for, but I do love her stylist fashion sense. Check out some of the outfits the girls have been wearing, and let me know what you think!

20 Comments on “Middleton Sisters in December

  1. Kate Middleton is beautiful! I love her style, she looks great in all these pictures! I want the long black dress she wore! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!


  2. Yes! They always look so good. So good. I agree that I'm not a huge Pippa fan, I'm not a hater of her but she's not that special. She did take my breath away though on the wedding day- that dress fell on her perfectly.Kate always nails it.PS you said you tried \”white lips\” over xmas on my blog- did you mean red?? If not- you have to show me these white lips! ha 🙂


  3. I love how their hair is almost always down. I hardly ever wear my hair up and get lots of flack for it. This makes me feel a little better!


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