My Top Five Party Secrets!

Give your party a theme! Parties can be stressful to plan. A theme allows you to stay focused on a specific idea. For example a pink and green theme party would have a pink drink, pink and green napkins, pink and green candies etc.

 • Look good in the kitchen! Incorporate a cute apron into your look. I almost always have one on when guests arrive no matter what the season is. All my aprons are from The Hip Hostess

Set the mood! Candles create a warm and inviting ambiance.

 • Back to basics! I love incorporating my favorite parts of childhood parties with my grown-up events; cupcakes, pretty candy and balloons are great additions.

Give a gift to all guest! Everyone loves to get a gift so why not have a little something to give to your guests as they leave. Gifts can be homemade such as sugar cookies individually wrapped or something you buy. Check the dollar spot at Michaels and Target for some wonderful seasonal ideas.

Do you have any party secrets/tips you\’d like to share?

19 Comments on “My Top Five Party Secrets!

  1. Oh wow, I love that hot cocoa bag that you posted a picture of. That is such a cute idea. And it looks like an ice cream cone!


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