Just another Mani Monday: Zoya gems & jewels Holiday 2011

For the holiday season Zoya released \”Gems & Jewels\” as their 2011 holiday collection. The collection features six new shades. Three of the polishes are jewel toned metallic shimmers and the remaining three are glitter glazes which feature bar glitter.  Zoya is always a step above everyone else… as their collection features jewel tones which no one else seems to have in a fall or winter collection despite their popularity.
 {left to right: Rina, Holly, Kssy, Izzy, Twila and Noel}

Holly is an evergreen shimmer. This color is gorgeous and a definite must for those holiday parties.


Izzy is a gorgeous raspberry pink shimmer. Come the holidays usually you always see red and green together. I love to pair pink and green together since I am not a red fan. So you can imagine my excitement when I discovered Izzy in the collection.


Noel is a icy blue shimmer that will immediately have you thinking of winter. Pair this color with a little black or white dress and you have a perfect holiday look.

{left to right: Holly with Rina over it, Izzy with Rina over it, Holly with Kssy over it, Izzy with Kssy over it and Noel with Twila over it.}

Let\’s talk a touch of tinsel 
The glitter glazes; Rina, Kssy and Twila  feature tinsel like pieces in them.

Rina is a clear base that is packed with pieces of green tinsel with the slightest touch of blue.

Kssy is a clear base that is packed with raspberry pink pieces of tinsel as well as gold tinsel. This polish would be perfect paired with a dark polish

Twila is a clear base that is packed with bright icy blue tinsel with a touch of iridescent tinsel.

 Try these glazes out over, black polish for a chic look this holiday season.

Overall thoughts
I love this entire collection. While the three colors have the tendency to be beyond cliche this collection has stepped up it\’s game. From the gorgeous shimmers to the fun tinsel polishes I would highly recommend hitting up the Zoya website and getting yourself a set! PS anytime I wear a glitter glaze (tinsel polish) on top of a black polish I get so many compliments!

What do you think of this collection?

23 Comments on “Just another Mani Monday: Zoya gems & jewels Holiday 2011

  1. I received the Noel color in my Birchbox and wasn't sure I loved it, but it looks great on your nails! I also love the idea of the tinsel glazes over black. Very chic!


  2. I'm not sure how I feel about this collection! It's pretty, but I'm not so sure how much it goes with and how often I'd wear it. I'd probably wear the green the most around xmas!!


  3. Zoya polishes are really great. I only have one so far but couldn't believe how great the coverage and application were.The tinsel ones look fun for the holidays!


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