Lady in Red

{Carrie Underwood}
This is the time of year when I start to dig out all things red. It\’s the only time of year you\’ll find me wearing my Hourglass Femme Rouge Lipstick in Raven, and various shades of red polishes. I am even thinking about wearing a red dress or red tights for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  
Do you wear red year round or only around the holiday?
{Jessica Simpson}
{Christina Aguilera}
{Anne Hathaway}
{Jessica Alba}
{Kristin Chenoweth}
 {Kim Kardashian}
 {Reese Witherspoon}

21 Comments on “Lady in Red

  1. I don't have many red articles of clothing so I would say that I don't wear it very much. I have a red pair of converse that I wear about once a week so if that counts! Haha. =)


  2. I heart Carrie and Reese and they both look fab in red! I teach at a school where one school color is red AND my favorite college team is red, so it's a year round color for me! 🙂


  3. LOVE Reese…she's my absolute fave :)I wore a red dress just this week (to work) actually…did an OOTD post on it 'cause I got so many compliments! I think blondes look amazing in red. Red lipstick…LOVE with lighter eye makeup! So old Hollywood.xoxo


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