Five Things

 {current manicure)
I am currently skipping town and headed to Baltimore. What are you up to this weekend? 
 {peppermint syrup for hot cocoa}
 {pie cupcakes my mum and I made}
More on scarfs next week!
{the new pair of shoes I bought since my calves are too big for all my boots}

30 Comments on “Five Things

  1. I had no idea you could actually buy Starbucks syrup until this week. I was getting my coffee and saw tons of bottles in the cabinets and asked about them. Wish I knew sooner. I might put together some coffee baskets for christmas.And those pie cupcakes are too adorable! They look professional. I am totally not a boot girl but loving these shoes. You must tell me where you got them.


  2. Oh my word girl, love the pie cupcakes and the scarf. HAve fun on your impromptu trip!!!xx Emily @


  3. Great pictures! Pinterest has caused a nail fetish problem with me. I thought I already had a nail polish problem. I think I own at least 25 colors. Now I mix and match, use crazy scissors to create patterns and ombre is my next attempt!xoxo Jessica @


  4. We have a huge bottle of the peppermint syrup and I needed some uses for it – hot chocolate will be perfect!


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