Trend Watch: Planet of the Cape

Every year at about the time the leaves start to change and fall off the trees and the weather cools off we tend to gravitate towards something to keep us warm through the colds months. This season it seems as though medieval and 70\’s capes and ponchos are all the rage.

 Celebrities have been spotted all over embracing this autumns trend. But honestly what do you think of the cape?

 So what are your thoughts on the cape trend?
Personally I dislike it… I also dislike snuggies :]

28 Comments on “Trend Watch: Planet of the Cape

  1. I pretty much love it on others but every time I try one on in a store I hate it. So, I'm on the fence about the cape!


  2. I honestly can't decide how I feel about them… I've seen some really cute ones though so they may be worth a try!


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