Color Crush: Brown & Black

Someone once said that brown and black do not mix. Personally I think that\’s an old fashion rule… brown and black do mix well together. 
My favorite ways for mixing brown and black
• Go lighter. It\’s easy to pull off a black and brown outfit when you utilize shades of nude, taupe or camel. This creates a gorgeous contrast.
• Pair black tights with brown boots for a simple and gorgeous look.
• Chocolate and black look great together when you pair a chocolate jacket with a black top or dress. 
What are your tips for a black and brown outfit?

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25 Comments on “Color Crush: Brown & Black

  1. Hellloooo lover:) I have missed you..Im back:)Looks like great minds think alike….I posted this same color combo this morning on a new pair of shoes:)


  2. It took me a while to get on the brown and black color combo, but I love it now! I like wearing black tights with brown boots! I am going to have to try a brown sweater with a black dress, that is super cute!


  3. I'm with you girl I actually mixed black and brown at the hockey game this weekend and I'm loving the Kate Spade pumps!xx Emily @


  4. I love the black/brown combo…there's something really elegant and simple about it. I need to wear it more though.xoxo ~ Courtney


  5. I love black and brown together. My favorite way to pair them is definitely black tights with brown boots.


  6. I've heard it is okay to wear black top with brown bottoms but you can't wear a brown top with black bottoms. I think going lighter is an exception to the rule. You posted some great options!


  7. I have to agree, this fashion rule is no longer relevant. I think black and brown go really well together.


  8. I love brown and black together! I've seen this adorable picture on pinterest going around with a black dress and a brown waist belt and I swear, I must recreate it =)


  9. It's so funny how this combo used to be completely taboo and now it's the norm. I love wearing my brown boots with black leggings!


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