Tutorial: Fabric Pumpkins

{Fabric Pumpkins}
Once labor day passes by I am ready for fall to begin.  So I started fall crafting right away. My first project is simple, easy and budget friendly.
• Fat Quarters (18\” x 21\”), you will use one fat quarter per pumpkin
• Iron
• Toilet paper roll (with the toilet paper still on it)
• Newspaper
• Raffia (tan & green)
• Glue gun (optional I didn\’t end up using mine)
• Wood top for the pumpkin (sticks and cinnamon sticks would work too)

 1. If you did not buy \”Fat Quarters\” (found at Joann\’s) cut your fabric to 18\”x21\” and iron out the creases. Lay fabric right side down with the newspaper on top (cut the newspaper to fit if need be).

 2. Place the toilet paper in the middle; starting with the shortest sides, bring the fabric up and tuck it inside the hole of the roll.

 3. Repeat all the way around. Once you have finished run an iron over your pumpkin so that it will look smooth.

 4. I bought a wood candle holder at Michaels and painted it brown for my stem. You can also use sticks or whatever you want.

 5. Insert the stem into the center of the pumpkin.

 6. Tie the raffia around the stem of the pumpkin. Grab it in sections and crinkle it for more of a \”realistic\” look.

12 Comments on “Tutorial: Fabric Pumpkins

  1. OMG! Love this idea. Very cheap and easy!!! I will be doing this tonight. Thank goodness we just bought toilet paper on sale! LOL.


  2. LOVE this! And the comment before mine about running out of t.p.! I can totally see myself doing that at some point! :)This just might be my weekend craft. Thanks!


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