Animal Prints

 Last year I searched everywhere for a pair of leopard printed ankle boots, and had no luck. This year animal prints and exotics are all the rage for fall. I was not feeling this trend at all until my trip to the zoo last week where I fell in love with animal prints all over again.

{a sleepy baby leopard}
{snow leopard}

What is your favorite animal print?

27 Comments on “Animal Prints

  1. Woohoo! I love me some animal print. My credit card is actually leopard print and I get comments every time I use it. It makes me smile 🙂


  2. I am wearing my leopard print flats today. They are just such a great piece you can wear with anything! I am loving those giraffe heels!!


  3. that betsy watch is adorable, i need to get a watch for fall and winter. I feel like my white michele one is a little summery.xx Emily @


  4. I really want a new pair of leopard heels, I have a pair from a few years ago that are a mess, and I just cannot find a pair I love as much, hopefully with leopard being so \”in\” I will find a great pair too!


  5. I have a vivid memory of my aunt telling me that \”only bad girls wear animal prints\” from when I was four of five years old. to this day, I still feel slightly naughty whenever I break out my leopard flats!What will snap up?


  6. I just posted about leopard flats this morning! I adore leopard shoes–I think they go with so much and add a bit of pizzazz to a more conservative work outfit. I also adore giraffe and pretty much every other animal print. I guess receiving gifts from my grandparent's annual safari made me love animal prints at a young age. 😉


  7. A bag I could maybe handle but I'm not sure I could pull off animal print clothing or shoes! I always catch up on the trends when they are a season or two old (:


  8. Love, love, LOVE the booties!! So cute! My former roomie/friend Kristen is a die-hard animal print fan! She must have at least 10 pairs of print shoes!


  9. Ooooh that leopard bootie is the SASS and the giraffe is pretty awesome too. I'm with you–wasn't all that into it then all the sudden got the bug in a big way! One of my friends' grandparents gave me a vintage cheetah jacket that she NEVER wore. It was around that time that it was game over for me. hehahaha! xo


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