How To: Straighten Hair

When it comes to straightening I feel like your straightener should be an investment a $20 straightener just is not going to get the job done like a professional straighter would. I have tried Croc (loved it until it broke a year later argh!), CHI (stripped color from my hair), Revlon (fried my hair)… you get the point. I felt like all hope was lost until I met \”The Seductress\” by Sultra.

The Seductress is completely different from any other straightener that I have tried before. 
• Kyocera Ceramtic Technology mends the hair and provides constant and even heat.
• Provides three temperature settings designed specifically for fine, normal or thick hair. FINALLY! :]
• The Seductress is going to run you about $210…. but it\’s definitely worth every penny.
 {I slept with wet hair in a bun which gave me this curly nappy mess}
• note: I never do this… I just did it for the purpose of this post to show you how amazing this straightener is.
 {another look at the mess}
 {half a disaster and half straight}
 {perfectly straightened ponytail in under 30 minutes.}
Usually takes me an hourish
Do you straighten your hair?

25 Comments on “How To: Straighten Hair

  1. i always have a problem with straightening my hair, it usually takes me forever to get it straight. this particular straightener sounds amazing!!! 30 mins? incredible!PS. i think ur curls look amazing, at first i thought u curled it or something!


  2. you're gonna hate me… it takes me 10 mins to straighten my hair. eeeep!lol. But i love your \”mess\”! wavy curls are so sexy. and THANK YOU for my goodies! I absolutely LOVE that eye shadow you sent along! great coverage and color! and your caramels are divine! i shared them with my roommate who thinks we should exchanged baked goods regularly tee hee.


  3. Amazing!! I have really fine, thin hair, so I don't straighten my hair often. I have a Hana Professional iron, and I love it!


  4. I alternate between using a straightener and a curling iron – my hair is naturally straight and I have it cut quite short so I use both depending on the effect I want.xoxo ~ Courtney


  5. I used to blowdry and straighten my hair all the time, but about 2 years ago I made the decision to stop. My hair was getting killed and it needed a break. Now, I usually just let it air dry and work with that, unless I have somewhere to go and actually want nice hair!


  6. Aah, I missed the blogosphere and the daily updates from you. You have beautiful hair but straightening thick hair is such a pain! I got my flat iron from Costco (T3) and it works great!


  7. First- thank you so much for your sweet comment! We've been working hard on the house so it's so good to hear comments about it! Second- I've been looking for a great new straightener! I currently have a CHI and it's dying so I will definitely check this out, thanks!


  8. I straighten my hair pretty much every day, but I usually use the blow dryer and a round brush to do the job. I haven't found a straightener that I like. I'll totally check this one out 🙂


  9. Whoa!! Fancy! My Revlon straightener has lasted me years and done really well on my hair and I'm always the designated straightener-bringer on girls' trips! But my hair needs to be in the right mood, preferably freshly dried and already partly straight. If I go from wet-bun-hair-craziness like yours it would never work!


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