Five Things

{2 for $20 candles from Bath & Body Works – stocked up on fall scents}

 Just as I started to prep for fall (I have been fall crafting, bookmarking recipes and stocking up on fall candles), summer seems to still be in full swing with these 90 degree temps. This weekend I will be cranking up the AC, lighting some summer scented candles and baking a French inspired dessert. What will you be up to this weekend?

 {Fishtail braids during rainy days}
 {Mermaid inspired nails to end summer}
Nicole by OPI Lifesaver from the Justin Bieber collection and OPI Mermaid Tears for an accent.
{a trip to the zoo}
 {Muted polish colors perfect for fall}

26 Comments on “Five Things

  1. I JUST bought the mint chocolate one for my Dad! He has a thing for candles that smell like food…


  2. I was just talking about taking a trip to the zoo! It really is the perfect activity to do while it is still nice out, but not super hot!! Enjoy your labor day weekend!


  3. love fall scented candles!! i can not wait for fall to get here!!! i am so over these 90 degree days! love the bright nail polish! i may have to try that!!! have a fab weekend!


  4. I've gotta make a stop into Bath and Body Works for some candles. I love their stuff!


  5. Soooo many candles! This will be the first time in a long time for me actually having time to \”prep\” for fall. My prepping has more to do with food stuffs, though, because of my food choices. So I'm going to be super busy preserving vats of homemade tomato sauce and preserved veggies!♥ laurathe blog of worldly delights


  6. Like your mermaid nail color, so cute! Have you tried the Butter brand nail polish yet? A little pricier, but stayed on after some heavy beach time!


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