Tight Knit Situation

 Despite the fact that many people find hosiery to be old fashion, I absolutely love it. It seems as though I have accumulated a massive hosiery collection. From sheers and nudes to black, and playful colors and patterns. It is important to wear when you have on expensive shoes or any shoes for that matter that you do not want to trash. You will never catch me wearing heels or any closed toe shoes without some sort of hosiery.


Per tradition you will see the Duchess of Cambridge nine times out of ten wearing some sort of hosiery.

 Gossip Girl fan? Then I am sure you have noticed that Queen B more often than not has some fabulous hosiery on.

What do you think of hosiery? Do you wear it?

25 Comments on “Tight Knit Situation

  1. I haven't branched out to patterned tights but I definitely rock hosiery 99% of the time I'm sporting a skirt. I got a lot of flack for it in college but, really, I just feel over-exposed without it.


  2. I love hosiery. For very cold weather, I've become a fan of hose that almost more like spandex. Still knit and beautiful, though 🙂


  3. I wear it in the winter when it's cold. I can't stand them in the summer though!


  4. I played a lot with tights/leggings last fall – my fave was a pair of olive green with a knit design. Sometimes I think they don't flatter larger legs, though 😦


  5. I almost always wear tights in the winter because it's so cold without them.I'm never really sure what color to wear with brown and earth tones skirts and dresses. Suggestions?


  6. I love tights… but I tend to get 'kindergarten crotch.' if you don't know what that is… i can't explain. lol


  7. I absolutely love the look of it (patterned especially) but I'll admit to not wearing it very often! It would be a little dressy for this laid back beach town I live in…


  8. I adore hosiery! I love patterns, knit textures, and lacy designs in all colors! I do also have several pairs of sheer/nudes that I wear on occasion just because I like them.


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