Signature Home Scent

Last night one of my friends from college and I were discussing candles and our favorite scents. In college her and I both had signature scents for our dorm rooms. Mine was Bath & Body Works Black Raspberry Vanilla while hers was Frosted Cupcake. Her and I may be past the point of spraying our rooms with our signature scents, but we aren\’t past giving our rooms a delightful scent. Some of my go to candle scents are below. Now tell me… What is your favorite candle scent?

{Cherry Lemonade by Yankee Candle is my absolute favorite scent}
 {Berry Tangerine is currently burning in my living room}
 {for the entire month of july Juicy Peach was burning in my home}
 {I recently discovered this Fresh Strawberry Rhubarb candle and absolutely love it}
 {WoodWick Vanilla Bean is my go to candle for gloomy nights}
Here are the scents that I love in the fall.
 {I just discovered caramel candles and have bought a few already}
 {Macintosh & Peach reminds me of Michigan}
 {Macintosh reminds me of apple picking in Michigan so it\’s a must have for me}
 {my mum got me absolutely addicted to Mandarin Cranberry}
So what\’s your favorite scent?

22 Comments on “Signature Home Scent

  1. my absolute favorite is from Bath and Body works and it is \”bamboo\” it makes my house smell so fresh and clean!!


  2. LOVE candles! I love clean linen or vanilla in the spring/summer. I always go to my pumpkin smells in the fall and cinnamon in the winter! 😉 Maybe I should change it up….I like some of your options! ;)


  3. I tend to stay away from food scents…they make me crave things to eat! lol My two favs are citrus and sage and the falling leaves one that comes out in the fall from yankee. Oh, at Christmas time…I like a good evergreen scented one!


  4. you know im with you on the pippa thing – she drives me crazy but i do enjoy looking at all the clothes she gets……at least kate has a reason to get clothes for free but pippa…well she's just pippA…


  5. Ive never bought a Yankee candle but everyone seems to rave about the,…I need to get myself a few and that Cherry Lemonade one sounds fantastic


  6. the cherry lemonade looks amazing. thanks for another amazing post. Would love if you'd check out my latest celebrity trend report and see pictures from my Rachel Zoe encounter.


  7. I love \”Votivo\” Noel, Forest, and Christmas Sage. They are simply the BEST.In the Yankee scents, I like Eucalyptus, Citrus and Sage, and a lot of the Christmas \”pine\” scents. Some of the fall ones aren't bad either.


  8. my signature scent right now is yankee candle's beach party! it is so nice and i love lighting those candles just for the scent. macintosh is always a great choice too!


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