Summer White

We have all heard of \”winter white\”, but have you heard of \”summer white\”? If you haven\’t get on board, because white is all the rage for summer. Celebrities have been spotted wearing white jeans, dresses, shoes and accessories. Even the Duchess of Cambridge has been spotted numerous times wearing elegant and gorgeous white outfits. I think white definitely shows off the feminine side. Pair your outfit with some nude polish and you are set to strut your stuff.

What do you think of the summer white trend?
Don\’t forget I an giving away SEVEN pairs of earrings!!!

23 Comments on “Summer White

  1. I love Reese's outfit….and of course Kates as always. I'm loving the summer white – especially pant which are in my opinion the best way to wear white ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. I love summer white! In an ideal world that involved me not spilling things on myself, I'd buy a pair of white pants. But seeing as I am clumsy, a white bag or dress might be a better choice for me ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. I love it! I'm not too big into white on white, but Reese is gorgeous in it.I am def loving Audrina's look, it's my favorite. She just looks so crisp with that blue shirt.


  4. I just recently bought a white \”Michelle\” watch and I love it! Also hoping to buy some new white jeans soon…


  5. i LOVE wearing white during the summer. it's very refreshing. and you don't sweat as much. :)Carrie


  6. The batwing sleeve dress is just stunning. That's my idea of a perfect summer white dress. I only wish I had gotten something similar while I still had money! But now I'm broke. No white dresses for me this summer… **pout**xoxoEm


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