Kate\’s Look for Less

As you already know I absolutely adore Kate Middleton. I think she has a very down to earth sense of style as well as personality. She does not want to accept clothes for free, and she recycles a lot of her outfits for different events which is something we would never see celebrities doing. While the Duchess of Cambridge may wear clothing that could be considered \”more affordable\” we all do not have her shopping budget, not to mention most of the items she wears sell out immediately.

Since the Royal Tour is currently going on. You can view my outfit updates here. I decided to show some of Kate\’s looks and how to get the look for less. If there are any looks current or previous that you would like to see a cheaper version of please let me know.

* you can get custom Sperry\’s made*

* you can get custom Sperry\’s made*

 {Minnetonka deerskin moccasins}

24 Comments on “Kate\’s Look for Less

  1. Major props to you on this post! Kate has become quite the fashion icon and I love how you have found similar versions for much cheaper. The dress with the lace…to die for…and she wears it so well!XO,Hannah


  2. I love all your picks–especially the white one shoulder, the sperry's, the black trench–love it!


  3. Erica, you just made my life so easy! I'm bookmarking this post for inspiration when shopping online (I cut myself off for July already, so I'll have to wait until August, but stilll….)


  4. LOVE.I am all over the French Connection lace dress and the Lipsy one shoulder dress…


  5. i love this! although,i probably cant do the skinny jeans LOL but gimme those dresses and blazers! -Monique


  6. For the Minnie Rose style shawl she was spotted wearing just after she got married, there are some lovely ones on ebay by a lovely seller – I've bought three of her shawls already! Try looking at item number 140480922973.


  7. i love all of this!!!! i think she is gorgeous and has amazing style and i love seeing her pieces for less like you showed!!! ❤


  8. minnetonka deerskin moccasins oooh I love wearings when take off my feet from them, i always kiss my socks colours red and wear them


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