Pirates take over OPI

 {left to right: steady as she rose, skull & glossbones, stranger tides, sparrow me the drama, mermaid\’s tears and planks a lot}

This season I am definitely obsessed with pastel manicure\’s and pedicure\’s. While they look like Easter eggs in the bottle on nails they are beyond gorgeous. They give a soft and sweet feminine look that I am absolutely adoring. That\’s why when I saw OPI\’s Pirates of the Caribbean on Stranger Tides collection I knew it was going to be love at first polish.

{left to right with Silver Shatter over it: steady as she rose, skull & glossbones, stranger tides, sparrow me the drama, mermaid\’s tears and planks a lot}

This is the collection I have been waiting for! It contains six fabulously gorgeous cremes as well as silver shatter!

PS don\’t mind how horrible my cuticles and nails look I got a professional manicure and the girl tore my cuticles and nails apart! :/

 {Steady as she Rose}

Steady as she Rose is the perfect mauve shade of polish.

 {Skull & Glossbones}

Skull & Glossbones is a gorgeous taupe with sage undertones.

{Stranger Tides}

Stranger Tides is a murky seaweed sage

{Sparrow me the Drama}

Sparrow me the Drama is a semi bright pink mauve that would still be considered a pastel

{Mermaid\’s Tears}

Mermaid\’s Tears is a dusty minty sea green.

{Planks a lot}

Planks a lot is a misty grape pop purple.

What do you think about this collection?

I am absolutely loving it. It\’s one of my favorite collections that have come out this year. Pastels are finally making a comeback and I absolutely love it! This is a must have collection!

28 Comments on “Pirates take over OPI

  1. I have planks a lot and I got the silver shatter yesterday – I think the shatters are so hard to use i just got a red shatter and a white shatter from OPI too


  2. Sparrow Me the Drama is AMAZING. I'm going to hunt that one down in stores here!


  3. These are NOT my typical colors, but I think they'd be such a fun switch up! LOVE the places OPI takes inspiration from 🙂


  4. Thanks for sharing! I love pastels so much! They are so girly. You made me want to run out and get these colors!


  5. I was looking at these in the nail studio last week and they were so cool!xoxo ~ Courtneyhttp://sartorialsidelines.blogspot.com


  6. LOVE it!! I wish I didnt have a nasty habit of picking my nails so they were nice enough to draw attention to with pretty polish


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