Coral Crush

Morning Beauties! I don\’t know about where you are, but here the weather is a hot mess. Muggy and rainy it is feeling more like mother nature just wants to skip right over spring. While mother nature might not want to embrace spring I am embracing the gorgeous colors, flowers and trends that spring is offering. My current springy color crush is coral. Anyone can wear coral whether it be deep or pastel – it looks gorgeous paired with any complexion. 
(what do you call your grandma?)

What\’s your current color crush?

33 Comments on “Coral Crush

  1. My color crush is on coral right now too – I'm dreaming of a pretty coral bag finding it's way into my closet.xoxo ~ Courtney


  2. I'm crushing on coral too :)I'm hosting my 1st giveaway today, if you want to enter that would be wonderful 🙂


  3. Love the coral and a dandelion yellow always makes me feel like summer too!!


  4. im always SO obsessed with coral this time of year! i think it looks good on my skin as i get tanner (which, unfortunately in ohio and the pittsburgh area…sun hasn't really made an appearance in a while LOL). i just call my grandma \”grandma\”. i get an \”A\” for creativity here ;-)hope u have a great day!


  5. I'm loving red at the moment, but I love coral too! I have a coral dress and nail varnish (won't wear them together as that will be overkill!), and I just wanted to say am loving that photo of the cake, and Leighton Meester too – she's stunning!


  6. Coral is a great color, especially for spring/summer.I have pretty boring names for my grandmas: Grandma…but J has very interesting names: Lubby (a little kid version of the word Lovey) and Angel. He tended to call people whatever they called him, which meant unique names, like a great grandpa he called Partner 🙂


  7. I'm definitely getting into the nude/blush colors for the spring/summer! Been stalking shoes like it is nobody's business!


  8. Loveeeeeeee that bag. And I think coral looks so cute painted on toenails 🙂 Its one of my go to colors for summer. I actually just realized I'm wearing a coral shirt right now too haha. Other color crush- aqua


  9. Love coral – it just screams summer! Coral paired with either white, gold, or navy (or a combo) is one of my go to summer color schemes.


  10. Loving everything bright this spring! Just bought a coral high-waist skirt from J. Crew and it is already a favorite! With nude pumps… I am loving this spring's styles!


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