Ahoy Matey! China Glaze Anchors Away

China Glaze created a nautical themed collection for Spring 2011 called Anchors Away. Growing up in Michigan no matter where you were located within SIX MILES you could reach a body of water. Many days were spent beach side getting my tan on.

When I went away to collection spring, summer, winter, fall, rain, snow or shine the days were spent walking along the Lake Superior shoreline. That\’s why the minute I heard that China Glaze had a collection out called Anchors Away I was instantly excited.
The collection is divided into two groups.
• Sand & Sea is a six piece soft and intimate colors of Anchors Away
• Knotty Nauticals which is the bold side of the collection.

Sand & Sea
 {sunset Grand Haven Michigan}
 {Sunset Sail}

Sunset Sail is a nude peachy beige with a cream base. I have always loved walking along the shoreline collecting shells so as soon as I polished my nails in this color I immediately thought of the inside of a conch shell. Very gorgeous.

 {Pelican Gray}

Pelican Gray is a gorgeous cool gray with a touch of blue. While taupe is a popular color still I think this color is a great alternative.

{Ice heaves Upper Peninsula of Michigan}
{Sea Spray}

Sea Spray is a beautiful gray blue cream with a hint of pearl. This color is not your typical \”spring pastel\” however it\’s absolutely beautiful and I will be wearing often. The color kind of reminds me of the ice heaves that build up in the winter on Lake Superior.

 {Below Deck}

Below Deck is a gray purple cream taupe. From the bottle to my nails this color is absolutely gorgeous.

  {beach turtle lake superior michigan}

Knotty is a semi-sheer glassy champagne beige. It definitely reminds me of the beach of Lake Superior. This color is perfect for layering or for a new twist on nude polish.

{white caps houghton michigan}
{White Cap}

White Cap is a sheer white based glassy polish with flecks of gold. This color is extremely sheer which makes it best for layering. However when polished on my nails I did think of a white cap which immeditely made me think layering creme colors such as tan, navy or orange would look gorgeous. Also mixing White Cap with a cool shade would look beautiful as well.

Knotty Nauticals


Ahoy! is a raspberry pink that contains subtle ruby and gold flecks of sparkle. 

{First Mate}

First Mate is rich and fabulous navy blue cream. This is the perfect Fourth of July Americana blue.

{Hey Sailor} 

Hey Sailor is a red cream that definitely creams the Fourth of July. Paired with First Mate you have a match made in heaven.


Starboard is a grass green cream.

{life preserver on a break wall, grand haven michigan}
{Life Preserver}

Life Preserver is the perfect rusted orange cream exactly like the color of a life preserver that you would find hanging on a break wall that the sun has kissed.

{lighthouse on Lake Superior}

Lighthouse is a bright sunshine yellow that contains flecks of gold. The color is very rich and extremely vibrant. Traditionally lighthouse\’s were used to help boats find their way to shore. Well this nail color will definitely help draw some serious attention. 
Which colors do you like from this collection?

30 Comments on “Ahoy Matey! China Glaze Anchors Away

  1. I love sunset sail, life preserver, and first mate! Gracious, do you have a separate budget for nail polish?! I'm so jealous of the amount you have.


  2. I love the reds and green. They're so bright! I'm from Michigan's U.P. so it's great to see pictures of Lake Superior!


  3. I love starboard! I will keep my eyes out for these. Do you know if they carry this brand at Target?


  4. Hey Erica! Thanks for visiting my blog the other day! Love your blog! It's so cute!What a cute nail polish collection! Love the names of each group! I like the Pelican Gray, Below Deck, Knotty, First Mate, and Lighthouse colors! The other ones are nice too, but those are my faves!


  5. Love Below Deck! I hope to get to Michigan to see Jeremy this summer! It is so beautiful there!Um, what is with the BOYCOTT AMERICAN WOMEN?????? WTH?That is not nice!!


  6. I love those Nanette Lepore nails… And any gray nails right now! So chic.xo Josiehttp://winksmilestyle.blogspot.com


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