The many mani\’s of the SAG Awards

 Since the SAG Awards had some of my absolute favorite dresses I wanted to see what manicure\’s these lovely ladies were rocking. As you can see many ladies had sheer polish on. If you were at a awards show is their one nail polish that you would try to go to? I would really love to wear a pink no matter water color dress I was wearing


23 Comments on “The many mani\’s of the SAG Awards

  1. Good Morning Sweets!!I thought of you over the weekend when I got my OPI gel polish! I got \”Midnight Call\”…LOVE IT!!Have a beautiful day!Much Love, D


  2. I love the soft pink colors. They seem to go with anything.Boy, Angie Harmon sure has some nice \”bling.\” Beautiful ring!Happy Wednesday!


  3. this week has been a disaster for my hands! i have a cut or broken fingernail on every single finger. those colors are flawless! and goregous! love it!


  4. i do love the nude polish look, it has to be just the right shade though, don't you think? which is SO hard to find.i'm always on the look out for the perfect pink too.


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