One Less Lonely Girl

{prized possession purple with one less lonely glitter over it}

I\’ll be honest when I first heard Justin Bieber would be teaming up with Nicole by OPI to create a nail polish line that would raise awareness and funds for the non-profit organization called Pencils of Promise. My thoughts began with an eye roll. The collection has seven colors, and actually I kind of liked some. So I thought I would share with you my favorites… minus \”Step to the Beat of My Heart\” which is adorable heart glitters… i\’m saving this for a Valentine\’s post!

{prized possession purple}

Prized Possession Purple is a frosted deep and luxurious purple. Hello summer toes!!!

{me + blue}

Me + Blue is a sapphire blue with glitter specks. It\’s a fun winter color that can definitely get you ready for spring and summer.

{my lifesaver}

My Lifesaver is a gorgeous mint green color. If you are going to get any color from the collection I suggest you make it this one. It\’s great for spring and summer. So far it\’s my favorite color of 2011 and it\’s going to be hard for another to replace this one!

Here are all the colors in the collection minus My Lifesaver

You can find the One Less Lonely Girl Nicole by OPI collection at Walmart and Target.

will you be getting Bieber fever and picking up any of these lacquers?


Friday & Saturday Eats

{breakfast: apple cinnamon cheerios… I finally finished the box off}

{lunch: pb & j with a cutie and flat out pizza}

{dinner: fruit salad I wasn\’t very hungry…. biscuits and gravy with fruit and oj. I ate half of a biscuit.}

Snacks not pictured: peanut butter pretzels, butter toffee almonds, cheese & crackers.

As you may have read instead of resolutions I will be setting weekly goals.
Week One Goals
•begin to learn a new skill –in the process
• eat a salad for six out of the seven days – completed
• drink at least 64 oz. of water – failed
• eat 80 grams of protein – did okay
• no eating/snacking after 6:30 pm – failed two nights I had cheese and crackers after 8 pm!

Week TWO Goals
• drink at least 64 oz. of water!
• no eating/snacking after 6:30 pm
• going vegetarian for the week
• fill up on protein
• eat salad six out of the seven days


30 Comments on “One Less Lonely Girl

  1. I would def pick up a bottle of \”My Lifesaver\”… Good luck to you going veggie for the week! It was easier for me than I expected it to be, so I hope it's the same for you!


  2. Love the first purple glitter color. Sometimes I feel too old to wear glitter…but hey! I work with 10 year olds. 🙂 happy sunday.


  3. Cute nails- I'm not ashamed to say I have been suffering a bit from Bieber- Fever! XO


  4. Just Bieber is taking over everything these days lol. I have to admit that I really like the glittery polishes. And it goes towards a good cause so, bonus!


  5. Love the colors!!!! Hope you had a great weekend! You should leave a comment for my Get Sexy Challenge! ~Romantic Savy


  6. I was jammin to Step to the Beat of my heart and had no clue it was the Bieber until my friend made fun of me. I still love it though.


  7. I love seeing peoples goals! Its inspiring to me! I like yours! I have been drinking more water too and have been trying to drink alot more green tea!Thanks for the comment! Rug I got at Target!LOVE these nail polish colors, now I want to go get a manicure! Ha!


  8. I'm obsessed with the gold OPI sparkle. I put it over every color. I'm rocking purple and gold right now. Can't blame you for embracing Bieber Fever!


  9. So, I get this strange feeling that you have the most abundent nail color collection ever, which translates to…I'm coming over asap for a manicure.


  10. Okay, so the colors are cute… But I really don't think I could possibly buy JB nail polish… A bit too much for me!xo Josie


  11. Naturally curly girl here! Love your multigrain cherreo idea! Sounds amazing! I really should get cereal more often! I love it but never buy it.


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