Cozy in Knits

With the weather becoming brisk it\’s time to break out those cozy knit hats. Anyone can wear knit hats as you can see if the variety of celebrities who rock them. Pair your knit hat with a scarf and you have a chic look. Want to find knit hats on the cheap? Check out Old Navy and Walmart!

Would you wear a knit hat?


22 Comments on “Cozy in Knits

  1. I love this look! it's so cool and comfy! Whitney Port looks fabulous as well as the other ladies! xoxo,


  2. So cute! i have a ton of these and hardly ever wear them. I'm going to pull them out this winter. So true that Old Navy has some great options!xoValerie


  3. Oh oh, I am loving these. I only own one hat in this style, but of course these lovely pictures are inspiring me to shop for more (and I was trying to be good! :))


  4. I love knit caps! I have several. this year I got a knit bandana so i can rock my updoes and not have hat hair! its adorable!by the way… thnks for posting ALL the yummy recipe posts! I am going to be baking like crazy this holiday and i might be using your recipes as inspiration!


  5. I love knit hats! I have one but my head just doesnt look right! lolNicole Richie does everything right in fashion she is totally my fashion icon ♥xokristin.


  6. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm I dunno, I never liked caps/hats/etc. make my hair all flat and unattractive. I also have this idea of girls wearing caps when they couldn't be bothered to wash their hair. LOLI prefer ear muffs. So fuzzy!


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