Lipstick Jungle

{Lancome L\’Absolu\’ Rouge}
{Laura Mercier \’Satin\’ Lip Color}

{Laura Mercier Lip Velvet}
{ M·A·C \’Dazzleglass\’ Lipcolour}

would you ever consider wearing such a bold color


15 Comments on “Lipstick Jungle

  1. heya! I (sort of recently) closed my dead blog which you followed and started a fashion related one which is more me! I have just featured you since you're my fav chic&fashion&nomnom blog. Check it out :)On the red lipstick topic, like I was just saying in my newest post, they tried to force every female at the London fashion weekend to find their shade of bold red as it's very this season. I am never sure they fit me, unless pink-ish red but that is indeed just another shade of red.. :)Amber x


  2. I actually love red lipstick but I never think I can pull it off. My best friend however, wears RED every single day and has for at least the last 10 years! It works… love it! 🙂


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