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DIY Valentine\’s Bouquet

Ever since I was a little girl my Mum has taught me that presentation is everything. From gifts to centerpieces and everything in between I know whatever I create I need to give it a little something extra. For Valentine\’s Day I thought why… Continue Reading “DIY Valentine\’s Bouquet”

Five Things

 {fresh tulips} Much of my weekend will be spent catching up on some reading and doing crocheting while I am on the train headed to New Orleans. What are your plans for the weekend?  {new eyelash curler by Tarte}  {mini chicken salad sandwiches, chips… Continue Reading “Five Things”

Puppy Love- a valentine\’s treat

When it comes to cooking, baking, crafting and creativity my mum\’s imagination is endless. One of the many reasons I love coming home is being able to spend time in the kitchen with her. This weekend much of our time was spent doing just… Continue Reading “Puppy Love- a valentine\’s treat”

Will you be my Valentine? The most gorgeous bouquets

When I think of Valentine\’s Day for me it\’s all about pink, hearts, flowers and chocolate covered strawberries. My personal favorite is a gorgeous bouquet of flowers. I grew up with my mum having an absolutely gorgeous flower garden so I always love to… Continue Reading “Will you be my Valentine? The most gorgeous bouquets”

My Top Five Valentine\’s Gifts for the Guy in your life

{Cologne lets face it you want him to smell like you like not what his ex likes}  Let\’s face it shopping for guys can be draining. So here are my top five picks for the best gifts to get your significant other! {Urnex 1-2… Continue Reading “My Top Five Valentine\’s Gifts for the Guy in your life”