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Five Things

 {new fall booties that compliment the stitching on jeans perfectly}  {new doorstop from my mum}  {glitter collection for card and nail designs}  {hudsonville orange pineapple ice cream with matching manicure} {sunset manicure to savor summer}

Soles of Summer

One of my favorite changes to arrive with summer is the ability to have a little bit of fun with shoes. While certain trends come and go, there are a handful of shoes I rely on each year. What are your summer shoe staples?… Continue Reading “Soles of Summer”

Five Things

{nothing cheers me up like a new pair of shoes} I started the week off by taking out some of my favorite spring nail polish shades. Which turned into a trip to Macy\’s for a new pair of shoes, and a search for a… Continue Reading “Five Things”

Candy Coated Shoes

 {Franco Sarto + Lemon Drops} My blog stems from two of two of my biggest passions; fashion and food. While I was online shopping for perfect summer shoes – I realized that the top three shoes on my list were the same shades of… Continue Reading “Candy Coated Shoes”

Five Things

 {who wouldn\’t want to look at shoes everyday?} Since I am staying in Michigan at my parents house until February I spent the week working on our friendship gifts. (one of my goals for 2012 is already complete – learning to crochet!) I had… Continue Reading “Five Things”