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Three Hour Knitted Infinity Scarf

In the winter there are few things better than a new crochet or knitted scarf, and I have the perfect knitted infinity scarf pattern for you. The best part it’ll only take three hours to complete!  {Keep it loose. You should be able to… Continue Reading “Three Hour Knitted Infinity Scarf”

Winter Staples

 {Ombré Accessories} The Polar Vortex seems to have taken a toll on many of us. I have heard a lot of talk that being warm and fashionable at the same time just isn’t possible, the truth is… it is possible! From classic crochets to… Continue Reading “Winter Staples”

Thanksgiving Outfit

It\’s an old fashioned Michigan Thanksgiving this year (aka the ground is covered in snow and it\’s freezing). Since I spent a lot of time in the kitchen for Thanksgiving I wanted to make sure my outfit was comfortable and nothing is more comfortable… Continue Reading “Thanksgiving Outfit”

Classic Hearts

Let\’s go shopping: 1/2/3/4/5  I’m the type of girl that still dots the “I” in her name with a heart. So you can imagine how excited I am when Valentine’s Day approaches and there are tons of heart items (and pink too!) in the… Continue Reading “Classic Hearts”

Fall Inspiration

The leaves have changed colors and most have fallen to the ground. Temps are cooler and a sweater or jacket has become a must. Here are a few fall items that have me inspired for the season. What has you inspired for the fall?… Continue Reading “Fall Inspiration”