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Mini Birds Nest

Looking for a cute and simple Easter or spring treat to make? Then look no further! These adorable nests are made of round pretzels, topped with a Rolo, three pastel Sixlets and sweetened toasted coconut. They’re one treat you need to make. Mini Birds… Continue Reading “Mini Birds Nest”

Butter Lamb

Easter is quickly approaching, and since rolls will be on most of our tables why not impress your guest with a butter lamb. They\’re simple to make and are the perfect addition to a chic Easter table.  {you will need a lamb mold (used… Continue Reading “Butter Lamb”

Five Things

 {spa water: strawberries, blueberries and mint leaves} This week has not felt like spring. On Wednesday, it actually snowed. Thankfully, it didn’t stick. I refused to let this weather get me down, and continued to surround myself in the quintessential colors of spring. Here… Continue Reading “Five Things”

DIY Spring Accent

This year I wanted to go for a more whimsical approach when it came to my Easter décor.  I attached a small styrofoam ball to a styrofoam egg, and hot glued tiny silk flowers onto the “chick shape” to resemble fluffy feathers. I added… Continue Reading “DIY Spring Accent”

April Friendship Gift: Party Popcorn

Spring brings on colorful accents and cheerful moods. I knew that my friendship gift for April needed to counterpart what spring has to offer. In my mind there was no better choice than my party popcorn. A sweet and salty combination, with a pop… Continue Reading “April Friendship Gift: Party Popcorn”