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In order to make a fabulous drink look gorgeous rimming a glass in sugar is essential. However plain old boring white sugar wouldn\’t look as classy. Here is the secret to coloring sugar. This also works as great sanding sugar for cookies. Colored Sugar… Continue Reading “POMtini”

How to cut a pomegranate

It\’s officially pomegranate season, and these beauties are popping up everywhere. Which means there is a lot of questions about how to cut a pomegranate. POM Wonderful usually offers a great little booklet about \”How to Cut a Pomegranate\” near where there pomegranates are… Continue Reading “How to cut a pomegranate”

A Holiday Harvest

I was fortunate enough to be selected by POM Wonderful to host a POM Dinner Party this week. POM was so gracious and sent me two cases of gorgeous pomegranates to help with my menu. Let me tell you these were the BEST pomegranates… Continue Reading “A Holiday Harvest”

French Onion Soup

Waking up to 20 degree weather and frost on the ground definitely made it clear that it was time to make a big pot of soup. This time I decided to be adventurous and came up with my own recipe for french onion soup.… Continue Reading “French Onion Soup”

Dressed for the brisk winds

{Forever 21 puff sleeve dress}$17.80 I don\’t know about where you are, but the brisk weather is definitely in full swing here. One of my favorite chilly weather go to items is the sweater dress. I am completely obsessed. Paired with leggings or colored… Continue Reading “Dressed for the brisk winds”