Year: 2021

Peony Tulips

Peonies are a favorite in many gardens (including mine) and for good reason. Peony blooms contain layers of soft, delicate petals in the prettiest shades. It’s no secret that out of all the flowers out there peonies are my absolute favorite. As you can… Continue Reading “Peony Tulips”

How to Screen the First 8 Fast and the Furious Movies Before F9 Hits Theaters

Are you excited about F9 finally hitting theaters? As someone who loves cars and the thrill of going fast (and action packed movies), I can’t wait to see F9. In anticipation of F9 (June 25) Universal Pictures is making sure you can watch the… Continue Reading “How to Screen the First 8 Fast and the Furious Movies Before F9 Hits Theaters”

Movie Review: Limbo

Limbo a Focus Features film hits theaters Friday, April 30, 2021. This is probably one of the hardest movie reviews that I have written. I didn’t love Limbo, but I also didn’t dislike Limbo—my feelings are in actual limbo in regards to the film.… Continue Reading “Movie Review: Limbo”

Movie Releases: May-August 2021

From the big screen to your bedroom TV, I am sharing May, June, July and August 2021 movie releases (including the trailers) – at least what we know at this current moment. What are you most excited to see? Friday, April 30, 2021 Limbo… Continue Reading “Movie Releases: May-August 2021”

National Geographic Presents IMPACT

National Geographic Presents IMPACT with Gal Gadot premiers Monday, April 26, 2021 and is a short-form documentary series that follows the powerful stories of six women making an extraordinary impact on their communities around the world. Despite living in area marred by violence, poverty,… Continue Reading “National Geographic Presents IMPACT”