Year: 2021

Data Catalog Basics

Technology is ever changing, and that means tools are constantly being improved. From decisions and improvements to campaigns if you’re a successful company changes are you are a data driven company. Data provides the details to make the hard decisions you might not be… Continue Reading “Data Catalog Basics”

Best flooring for educational spaces

Have you been given the task of choosing material for a K-12, university, or other learning environment and have no clue where to begin? Look no further, I’m spilling the basics to help you pick the best flooring for your educational space. Flooring is… Continue Reading “Best flooring for educational spaces”

31 Things To Do in May

From gardening and farmers markets to road trips and more i’m sharing 31 ways you can get the most out of May. Happy May Day! This fun springtime tradition is all about making a colorful handmade May Day basket, filled with candy or flowers… Continue Reading “31 Things To Do in May”

Advice from Dr. Ryan Shelton, Zenith Labs Medical Research Director – Creating a Better Green Smoothie

Many popular health and fitness programs want you to mark the beginning of a “health kick” with a promise of a huge, dramatic, overnight change. This mindset sets you up for failure before you even begin. I’ve been known to fuel my body with… Continue Reading “Advice from Dr. Ryan Shelton, Zenith Labs Medical Research Director – Creating a Better Green Smoothie”

Destination: New Brunswick’s Bay of Fundy

With travel being at a standstill I have found myself spending more time looking for new places to visit. A new destination that I just added high onto my bucket list is New Brunswick’s Bay of Fundy region. Bay of Fundy is home to… Continue Reading “Destination: New Brunswick’s Bay of Fundy”