Month: August 2020

How to Make Bread and Butter Pickles

Growing up, I was surrounded by women who spent time in the kitchen canning and making anything from jams and pickles. The tradition carried on from one generation to the next. While my great-grandma and Meeme would make their pickles or jam alone, it\’s… Continue Reading “How to Make Bread and Butter Pickles”

5 Tips for Finding Your Dream Home

[this is a sponsored post] House hunting can be fun, stress, and disappointed all wrapped together in one big ball of emotions. It\’s definitely not all the glitz and glam that you see on HGTV. I mean really who can say they have a… Continue Reading “5 Tips for Finding Your Dream Home”

31 Things to Do in August (Quarantine Edition)

  Hello August! Summer is flying by, and the arrival of August is a reminder that summer will soon be coming to a close and I need to soak up as much of it as I can. Thanks to COVID, this hasn\’t been the… Continue Reading “31 Things to Do in August (Quarantine Edition)”